Rockmart History Museum is housed in the original Rockmart City Hall building built in 1921. This building has had many lives from the original City Hall, to Magistrate Court, to a Library progressing to being the Police Department and Fire Department.

The building was renovated in 2011 to house the Rockmart History Museum and the Chamber of Commerce. The grand opening for the Rockmart History Museum was March 24, 2012 featuring the first WELSHfest.

The Museum features the unique history of Rockmart; beginning with the building of the railroad on land that belonged to Seaborn Jones a town was laid out. Seaborn Jones donated land for five churches: the First Baptist Church, First Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Church of Christ, and the A.M.E. church. Two passenger trains came through Rockmart: the Seabord and the Southern.

Slate Mining was the next economic business which brought the Welsh to the area to mine the slate, giving this area rich Welsh Heritage. Rockmart was originally Rock Market because of the slate mining and of Southern Portland Cement Company. The name was shortened to Rockmart and this is the only town in the U.S. named Rockmart.

In 1929 Goodyear built the mill that manufactured rubberized bladder tanks for the government. The mill also built the Goodyear balloons for the Macy Day parade.

This RHM is a work in progress as it continues to work to display the history of Rockmart. The museum is a non-profit organization and operates solely on donations and volunteers.